OperationsAtlantic Supply Base was in 2000 awarded the contract for all six
committed exploration wells in the first Faroese licensing round.
ASB have since been awarded to supply all service to all Oil Companies drilling on the Faroes CS.

Atlantic Supply Base's main activities are provision of:

  • Quayside handling
  • ISPS quay 100 m, depth 12 meter
  • Quay 350 m, depth 6-12 meter
  • Indoor (900 + 1.1000 m2) and outdoor storage 20-25.000 m2, incl. ISPS 12.000 m2, within only 300m from the quay side.  
  • Mud/Brine capacity of 5 tanks each 159 m3 and 32 m3 mixing tank
  • Good office facilities
  • Maritime Agency services all around
  • Human resources
  • Chemicals, can be supplied by local subcontractor
  • Waste/ garbage handling