High Standards of Service

In co-operating with other internationally recognized supply bases and service providers, Atlantic Supply Base ensures that it fully complies with the international standards used in the oil industry.

The Atlantic Supply Base had a very successful delivery to all 9 wells drilled on the Faroes CS, since 2001.

On the 19.th of August 2014 the semi-submersible rig West Hercules entered the Skalfjord where the ASB supply is located. Wets Hercules was located 300 meters from our quay side.

After six weeks on the 30.th of September West Hercules left the Skalfjord after successfully IRM in the Faroe Islands.

West Hercules was heading for New Foundland CS, drilling for Statoil.

The company adheres to a zero tolerance injury policy, which it has successfully met since inception.