HSE values

With ASB, focus on Health, Safety and Environment, is part of our daily routine. Health, safety and the wellbeing of our employees, as well as respect for the environment, has the company’s highest priority.
Our goal is to prevent accidents from happening and create a positive work culture.
We achieve these goals in daily operations, by:

Communicating our HSE policy to staff, clients and subcontractors


  • Applying positive personal tone
  • Giving our staff a chance to stop work, if the situation appears unsafe
  • Ensuring that all emergency equipment is present and functional
  • Providing staff with necessary assistance, if circumstances are exceptional


  • Considering safety first
  • Staff reporting on inappropriate work situations
  • Providing our staff with appropriate personal protective equipment
  • Preparing thoroughly prior to any new task


  • Exercising consideration and respect for the environment
  • Minimizing energy consumption at all our facilities
  • Segregating waste by applicable laws and regulations

January 01, 2022

Eli Lassen
Managing Director
Atlantic Supply Base